What Are Lodgers and Tenants?


Yes, that’s right, you are a survivor. Because at the end of the day you are able to put up with the hellishness that some rentals can become. Just think of all the insane landlords, crazy flatmates, and pest infestations you have encountered.

Surely at times you felt like giving up and moving in with your parents again. But you did not. Instead you decided to face these challenges.

So, this site is for you. Here you can find guidance, support and motivation to assist you through these daring times.

What Rented Hell can offer:

#1: The Forum – an online community for tenants and lodgers

its benefits:

  • find useful information and get advice
  • share your wisdom and help others with it
  • advertise a room that you have available in your house share
  • search for accommodation: inquire if any of the members has a suitable place for you
  • commiserate and have a laugh together
  • find new friends, or even love – you never know what can happen ;)

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(it’s free and we protect your personal information)

#2: The Diary: an account of the adventures the creators of Rented Hell lived through

7 years of house shares have left them with a vast collection of stories that are outrageous, hilarious, sad or just plain awkward. Hopefully they will entertain you, make you laugh and teach you a thing or two.

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#3: Share your story

Have you lived in a rental and encountered something fun, absurd, upsetting or enlightening? The world needs to know!

So submit your story to Rented hell by clicking here

Not convinced yet? Read the 9 reasons why you should do it here